Does global warming slow down the growth of plants?



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    This is a tricky question, because there’s no universally accepted definition of global warming — in the sense that one can point at most phenomena and say, yes or no, that is definitely global warming.

    It seems to be commonly accepted at this point that if global warming exists, one of the major manifestations is more extreme weather. Addressing just that, global warming may turn into a disaster for plants. All plants will die when it is too hot, too cold, too wet, or too dry. And unlike animals, they can’t just pick up their roots and migrate to some place better.

    Some places on Earth will become much more livable if the overall temperature improves. In Greenland, where there’s all that ice, things are looking up in a big way. But other places, which are barely habitable now because of the heat — in Africa and the Middle East — more severe extremes in temperature may make them uninhabitable. For plants as well as people.

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