Does global warming cause more lightning?



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    NASA scientists suspect it does, based on the climate model developed at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies.  Results indicate that “continents warm more than ocean and that the altitude at which lightning form rises to a level where the storms are usually more vigorous than normal.” (Spinks)

    So it seems that because of the warming climate, weather patterns are growing in intensity and include the occurance of lightning.  Warmer-climate areas are especially prone to increased lightning based on surface temperatures and heat-rising altitudes.

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    According to Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research, yes, global warming can induce more lightning strikes.  This is extremely relevant to Brazil because out of any country in the world, Brazil experiences the most lightning strikes.  Additionally, it was found that increased lightning strikes could perpetuate global warming – mainly due to their tendency to cause forest fires, which of course release a lot of carbon dioxide into the air; this leads to a vicious cycle.

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