Does global warming affect the tectonic plates?



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    “Global warming” in the general sense could; but the current human-induced phenomenon of global warming does not have any impact on the Earth’s tectonic plates. Scientists believe that prolonged periods (of a few million years) of extremely high temperatures (100 degrees F hotter than current) could shut down the motion of tectonic plates, “locking” them in place. However current estimates of global warming estimate a rise in temperature of around six degrees F, and (obviously) take a much shorter time frame than millions of years.

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    It is difficult to foresee exactly how global warming will effect Earth’s many complex systems, but most of those systems are integrated. For example, glacial ice puts a large amount of pressure on the land. Release of this pressure may in fact lead to increased plate movement as the buoyant continents quickly rebound, causing increased earthquake conditions.

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