Does glass ever break down in landfills?



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    Glass bottles are not biodegradable, so they will not decompose in landfills. The only environmentally safe/responsible way to discard them would be to place them in recycling bins after use. Although glass bottles do not decompose, they can be cleaned, broken, crushed, melted and reused. Also, unlike plastics, it has a longer lifespan as it does not breakdown during the recycling process; it can be recycled repeatedly and indefinitely. As a matter of fact, the glass bottles that inappropriately ended up in landfills are currently causing problems as they are taking up valuable spaces in landfills.

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    Glass is made by heating white sand, which is a kind of rock (like quartz), and other minerals. So no, being a form of rock, glass cannot decompose.

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    Glass can take tens of thousands of years to degrade, essentially never. Landfills are not places for speedy decomposition of anything. Kept water-tight and so full that oxygen levels are low and toxicity is high, landfills are a tough environment for bacteria to live in and help break things down. There have been newspapers put in a landfill 20 years ago that you can still read. A newspaper should take only 2-4 weeks to degrade. Faster when wet.

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