Does glacier water have any healing powers?



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    Glacial water tends to be more alkaline than other water. This means that glacial water can have a higher or more basic pH (8.0-9.0 pH verses 7.0, which is the standard pH for tap water). There is a company called Enagic USA, Inc. that sells a water system that makes tap water alkaline. Alkaline water can be beneficial for people that have acidic diets. Alkaline water is also believe to aid in digestive problems and other health disorders such as cancer, which thrives in an acidic environment. Water from glaciers tends to have less pollants as well.

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    As eblairbryant mentioned, the basic pH of glacial water makes it similar to water in certain natural hot springs. Natural hot springs that develop in the vicinity of calcium carbonate tend to have a higher pH. However, I think that the appeal of soaking in the waters is mostly spiritual/psychological. Native Americans used hot springs for healing. Then again, the tap water where I live is also basic and that (or selenium, which is a trace element that many people do not get in their diets) could account for why people are so healthy in my community. Of course, that health could also be a result of the fact that almost everyone owns a bicycle and uses it instead of driving for most trips.

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