Does Germany recycle a lot of aluminum cans?



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    Yes. Germany has a very robust recycling program, and one that some people who have not grown up there may find somewhat daunting. The Germans tried to make it easy by color-coding the bins that various waste goes into, and aluminum cans go in the yellow bins (or bags). It would appear that a great majority of the aluminum cans used in Germany are recycled along with most other types of waste, although (as in most countries) glass and paper are the most easily recycled. Germany’s recycling program is unique in that it uses the “GrĂ¼ne Punkt” or “green dot” symbol, which is required by law to be placed on packaging and which corresponds to a special tax that manufacturers must pay on packaging items to cover the cost of recycling them. The “green dot” was the forerunner of a similar system which is now used throughout Europe, and in Germany is credited with saving a million tons of waste a year.

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