Does GE have anything to do with smart meters?



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    A Smart Meter is a device that collects and records electric usage data in 15-minute intervals. This system allows you to track your energy use anytime, so you can monitor your energy consumption accordingly. Electric companies that use Smart Meters are able to read your energy usage wirelessly, saving time and money from home or business inspections. Additionally, Smart Meters give the customer an opportunity to reduce their energy consumption during high-peak periods and potentially save money. 

    It does appear that GE is upgrading their older electric meters to Smart Meters for their 2013 goal of Smart Grid technology.  Here’s a link to GE’s 2010 Press Release.

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    Yes, GE is marketing smart meters as a great advantage of smart grid technology.  They are preparing for future implementations of said technology by equipping most of their newly designed and produced appliances with transmitters for the smart meters already installed. 

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