Does fruit taste better when it is grown locally?



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    There’s no reason being grown locally should make a difference in the taste. The location where a fruit is grown can have an effect on the flavor, but that has to do with the climate and soil conditions as opposed to how far it is from consumers. The benefit of getting food locally is that it cuts down on the energy and fuel expense of transporting the produce.

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    Fruit may taste better when grown locally because it is fresher on arrival, but otherwise, it should have no bearing. Certain fruit grow best in particular climates/regions/conditions, so locally grown fruit that is unsuited to the region may not be better than that imported from elsewhere. Personally, I do think locally grown fruit tastes better if you get it fresh from farmer’s markets, etc. Because the fruit can then be picked at the perfect time and sold immediately, it’s often riper and better-tasting than produce that has been picked before ripening to account for the transport times.

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