Does freezing produce to use later reduce their nutritional content?



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    Freezing fresh food has little effect on the product’s nutritional content.

    This link from the United States Department of Agriculture answers questions on the freezing of food:

    This link from the European Food Information Council answers some questions of frozen food as well:

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    Freezing produce does not reduce its nutritional content; if anything eating frozen fruits and vegetables could be even healthier than eating ‘fresh’.  This is because the nutritional content actually depends on when the product is frozen and frozen fruits and vegetables that you’d buy in the store are frozen at their peak, when they contain the most number of nutrients and vitamins.  Canned vegetables on the other hand do lose a lot of their nutritional value in the canning process (except tomoatoes and pumpkin!). 

    Make sure to eat frozen produce relatively quickly though as nutritients will decrease with time, even when frozen.  Another important thing to remember is to steam veggies when eating them (after they’ve been frozen) so you don’t lose any of the important water soluble vitamins. 

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    Frozen produce may not taste as fresh as non-frozen produce, but it doesn’t really take away any of the nutritional value. Like all of the above mentioned, eating frozen produce at its peak can actually have nutritional benefits. 

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