Does France use E-coli to clean up their nuclear waste?



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    This is actually a very new method only recently discovered by British scientists (the link below will describe in detail how the process works). So no countries have fully adopted this method yet, but it is believed that France will especially benefit from this since they have so many nuclear plants. Expect this to be popular in the coming years.

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    No, no one has it it practice on any real scale yet, too new. Interesting tidbit about uranium use though, France is not even in the top three:
    “Potential customers would come from the top three uranium producers – Canada, Australia and Kazakhstan. Other countries who might be interested are Germany, the Czech Republic and France; the latter, especially for its many nuclear plants themselves. The United States mines relatively small amounts of uranium, on a par with Niger, Namibia, Uzbekistan and Russia. But both the US and Russia have a lot of nuclear waste.”

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