Does food coloring hurt hummingbirds?



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    This had been debated over and over. frankly, it’s not really clear if it harms them or not, as there are just as many people reporting no effect as there are people who swear that it’s hurting the birds. There are studies to prove both. So, what to do? Well, in my humble opinion, I would recommend taking out the dye. That way, if it is dangerous, it won’t hurt them, and you can either buy red colored feeders or paint them yourself; the birds will come either way. Good luck!

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    Yes, please do not use red food coloring to attract and feed hummingbirds. Even it it has not been scientifically proven, it is unnecessary. You can tie red ribbons around your feeders to iniatially attract them .You can plant red flowers to provide extra nectar. Why take a chance on harming these amazing creatures.

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