does fishing line hurt dolphins?



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    Yes, dolphins have been known to try and steal fish off of lines when they are caught, which hurts them in one way: they become dependent on that as a food source. But dolphins have also been found to have line wrapped around them as well. The bigger threat is commercial fishing nets, it’s actually one of the more significant threats to dolphins as a species.

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    Monofilament line that is used for fishing is very dangerous to dolphins.  Monofilament line can persist in the environment for 500 years.  It’s very small and hard to see which makes it difficult to clean up after it has been disposed of in the water.  Dolphins often will swim into line and get it wrapped around their dorsal or pectoral fins.  Because dolphins can’t swim backwards it is very difficult for the line to become untangled.  While working at the Sarasota Dolphin Research Project in Florida I saw many examples of dolphins that had line that was literally cutting off their dorsal fin very slowly and painfully.  It can also become entangled around their rostrum and make it difficult or impossible to feed, sometimes leading to starvation.

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