Does fishing hurt birds?



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    It can; currently worldwide fishing takes about 50-100 million tons of fish from the sea, while seabirds eat about 92 millions tons of fish a year. So as overfishing continues more of the take could go to fishermen, and leave seabirds hungry. On the plus side, some scavenger species of birds like seagulls receive free meals from the cast-off of unwanted fish from fishing boats, so there’s a small upside.

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    Fishing can result in direct and indirect impacts on seabirds. Seabirds can end up as accidental catch, especially during surface long line fishing. Surface long line fishing essentially sets up baited hooks that are used to catch fish, however some seabirds will also take the bait. The indirect effects of fishing could result in a reduction of food availability for seabirds, which could result in many negative impacts.

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