Does Fiji bottled water use eco friendly bottles for their water?



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    Fiji has reduced the materials used in packaging by 20% this year, and has reduced waste from their facilities. The plastic they use requires 24% less energy to make, 40% less solid waste and 46% less carbon emissions during shipping than glass.

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    Other than the fact that they CAN be recycled, it does not appear so.  They have overruled using biodegradable bottles, since they claim they will not get composted properly.  Additionally remember that this product is in fact bottled in Fiji and shipped around the world to consumers (granted, shipping via the ocean is more efficient than trucking or flying, but come on, it is just water).  While they have launched a green campaign, it appears they have mainly purchased carbon credits and now claim their product is carbon negative.  To have truely green drinking water, I’d like to see more companies promoting faucet filter attatchments and re-usable bottles.

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