Does fertilizer hurt earthworms?



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    There are some fertilizers that support earthworms, but there are others which can harm earthworms. Compost, leaf mulch, earth-worm made fertilizers also called “castings,” and aged manure do not harm earthworms. However, chemical fertilizers and fresh manure can harm earthworms. 

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    As mire2187 said, it depends on the brand and if you are concerned about the animals or would like to do some small part to protect the environment, you should look for ones that specifically state to be eco-friendly.

    The reason that fertilizers can cause harm to earthworms is because earthworms eat dirt. Therefore chemical fertilizers harm worms the way we would be harmed if we ingested toxic materials.

    In fact, rich soil is a result of earthworms defecating the dirt back out and the process their ingestion system uses breaks down components inside of dirt. In these sense they create their own fertilizer, and if you find you have a lot of earthworms then you probably don’t need to use it at all! this method of composting also helps the environment  in other ways.

    Earthworms can be bred and used with compost to make your own soil at home.

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