Does Ferrari oppose the idea of green racing?



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    I couldn’t find anything that said that Ferrari opposes green racing, but I never found anything to deny the claim.  Ferrari as a company have done a little bit of research about hybrid and electric technology but have not released any car models that utilize either technology.

    The truth is, racing is a high performance sport, and high performance cars and the environment simply do not mix.  The amount of resources that go into making race cars fast and light-weight is absurd.  Racing companies are not paid to think about the environment, they are paid to win.  Racing is in no way sustainable, but it never advertised itself as being so. 

    There are specialty green racing cups where teams use alternative fuel mixes, regenerative braking technology, and exhaust pollution controls, but these cups are a novelty.  To my knowledge, Ferrari has never entered a car in a green racing cup and has no plan or desire to do so.

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