Does extreme cold weather in US and Europe disprove global warming?



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    The effects of global warming include not just warmer weather, but more frequent and extreme weather patterns. So the cold weather experienced now in parts of US and Europe doesn’t mean global warming isn’t happening. It means the climate is changing or that this is just an abnormal year.  

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    Extreme weather netiher proves nor disproves climate change. Situations of extreme weather, hot or cold, act more as outliers within the sample of data. The concern with climate change is not on a day-to-day basis but that tempuratures will drastical change over a long period of time (decades or more). Often times the earth balances itself out and an extremely cold day, week, or even year will occur without any particular reason.This does not mean that it will always be that cold, its part of the ups and downs of the earth’s climate.

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    Extreme weather can sometimes even help prove climate change or global warming, even if it is snow. Weather phenomenons (tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes) all start when there is enough moisture in the atmosphere for the conditions to occur. The hotter the temperature around the planet, the more water evaporates and more moisture is lifted in to the atmosphere, allowing these phenomena to take place. 

    Also, I live in Atlanta and we have had about a months worth of 65 degree+ days since winter has started. Global warming has by no means been disproved. 

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