Does everything ride on battery technology for hybrids and EV’s?



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    Battery technology is the key for hybrids and EV’s. Hybrids and EV’s have a wonderful plus to them, the electric motor, which can generate large amounts of torque (meaning faster acceleration) for a continued period of time during acceleration, but this cannot be utilized properly without the proper battery technology. The ideal battery would charge quickly while holding its charge for a long enough time to drive a considerably long distance. Batteries now just don’t have that ability.

    Also, the ideal battery now for these cars is a lithium-ion battery. The problem with these batteries is that most of the world’s lithium comes from one place, Bolivia. If two medium sized countries were to turn to electric cars, they would deplete our lithium supplies in about thirty years. In the long term, we have to find a better solution than the current lithium-ion batteries.

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