Does everything in the ocean migrate?



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    Many ocean-dwelling animals are sessile, meaning they are attached to some substrate so they do not move at all, much less migrate. They include things like reef-making corals, some molluscs, crinoids, bryozoans, sponges, and others. This is not to say that in their juvenile forms such animals may not move through the water – they usually do, simply floating until they establish themselves on something permanently.

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    Many organisms in the ocean do not migrate that are not sessile. As you can imagine, migration may take a great amount of energy and can present many risks as far as predation goes. Some organisms do not have the size or ability to migrate and for some, there is no advantage to doing so. Many organisms utilize dispersal, which is the movement of an organism away from its birthplace in order to avoid inbreeding but that movement does not have a specific destination. Migration is intended and directed 

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