Does everyone feel guilt?

I know this may be a question for psychologists or experts of brains but I have heard in the past numerous statistics about how many people guilt. Thought this could be a good discussion.



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    I believe that everyone feels guilt in one capacity or another. For those individuals who act upon their emotions more so than their logical parts of the brain, it may be a more intense feeling. But this feeling can drive people to make amends for any wrong-doing they feel they did, so it is an interesting emotion in that one can maybe get something good out of a bad situation. It may also be partly due to the fact that we as people may sometimes feel the responsibility to right our wrongs, which is where the guilt, however minor it may be.

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    There are at least three conditions where people do not feel guilt:

    1. They aren’t guilty, or perhaps rather they don’t feel they’ve done anything they should feel guilty about.
    2. They are mentally ill. You hear about such people in the media — who have killed and feel no remorse. These can be actual, clinical, diagnosable conditions. (For which there is no cure!)
    3. They are on a drug that causes them to lose sense of reality, including losing a sense of guilt and even of self-preservation.

    Contrarily and interestingly, there are people who feel responsibility or guilt when they have no strong reason to do so. A very common symptom, when someone dies, is a feeling on the part of the living that they were somehow responsible, or that it “should have been me”. There’s no easy way to “fix” these perceptions, since often they aren’t what a typical person would consider reasonable.

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    Most well-adjusted, psychologically normal people feel guilt at some point in their lives, to varying degrees.  When felt appropriately, guilt can act as a form of social glue, motivating people to correct past wrongs and to learn from their mistakes and misodings.  When people feel more or less guilt than they should, however, it can lead to emotional and behavioral problems.  Someone who feels guilt too intensely may develop feelings of depression and loneliness, having convinced themselves that they are too guilty to be a worthy friend/family member.  Someone who does not feel guilt at all will be unlikely to change their behavior, and may even find pleasure or profit in hurting others.

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