Does every nation contribute to global warming?



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    Every nation contributes to global warming, just in different amounts. The more affluent nations are contributing the most, buy purchasing commodities often, building a lot, burning a lot of fuel and creating a lot of energy. Less affluent nations contribute as well, buy burning a lot of wood for fuel and often having rapidly increasing populations which leads to the need for more resources. China is currently contributing the most to global warming, followed by the U.S. then Russia. 

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    Yes, Every nation, every human, every life form contributes to carbon and waste production. The key factor to realize is the incredibly large variance in the impact that different individuals are making. A single individual in the developed world creates an impact 10 times as large as someone who is living in a rural community in a developing country. So the impact of different countries varies hugely, but every country is somehow contributing to global warming and pollution.

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    While every human, and every nation contributes, it hasnt been a significant problem since the population has exponentially exploded, and people starting over consuming and wasting so much energy.  People can co exist with the environment, and the Earth and withstand human impact with drastically changing. But human impacts have been so extreme of late, that we are no threatening our own existence as the planet reacts to other harmful misdeeds.

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