Does every living thing need water to survive?



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    Yes, but some animals have adapted to use very little, like the Kangaroo rat. The kangaroo rat lives in the desert and rarely drinks any water at all, so it has adapted to never sweat and produce concentrated urine to preserve its water.

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    To add, pretty much every living things needs water to survive. But a lot of succulent plants and cactus need very little water and if you over water them they could die.

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    Yes, water is a fundamental compound for life on Earth. However, many organisms are adapted to not need liquid water — they can process moisture from the air around them or the food they eat to meet their bodies’ water needs. Water is incredibly important for the biochemistry of life on Earth, however, and is present in some form in all life forms here. Furthermore, the unique properties the water on Earth imparts to our atmosphere and climate also make it essential for life. The cited Wikipedia page is enormous because the importance of water for life on Earth is impossible to overstate.

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    Yes.  That is why Earth is so unique as compared to other planets.  Life on other planets hasn’t been conclusively found, probably most due to the fact that there is no water.  As a result, we cannot live on other planets unless we find a way to bring water to them or create a process in which water can be created.

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