Does every little bit of recycling make a difference?



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    In my opinion, the answer is definitely yes.  Every paper bag that doesn’t end up in a land fill and every plastic bottle that doesn’t end up floating down the stream makes a difference for the environment.  Of course in the large scheme of things, recycling one glass bottle may not seem like a lot, its important to keep the following statement in mind when answering this question:  A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.  And our journey to a planet with a healthier environment can begin with something as simple as recycling your newspaper rather than throwing it away.

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    Yes! If no one recycled, landfills would be everywhere, even more than they are today.  Even though it may seem small, a recycled plastic six pack of rings could save a bird from being caught and injured by it.  Every little thing you can do definitely makes an impact.  Keep recycling! 

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