Does every car manufacturer have a hybrid car now?



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    I can’t answer your question for every car company ever, or even internationally, but it would seem that the simple answer is yes. If a company does not have a hybrid, it is in the works, and providing the technology doesn’t completely flop soon if every MAJOR company doesn’t have one yet, they will soon. It is possible some of the less known/mainstream ones may not, but given how capitalist competition works it seems an unwise move to now have one in the making. 

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    Nope! In fact, I know of one company that manufactures neither gasoline-driven cars nor hybrids, but only pure electric cars. Also, Lamborghini is still in the process of making a hybrid. I don’t know what took any of these companies so long, but there it is for you! As pierettewinter mentioned, it;s all about competition and making themselves look good.

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