Does energy ever go away or does it really transfer to something else?



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    According to the First Law of Thermodynamics, energy is never actually destroyed – it is simply transformed to a different type of energy.  However, as energy is used again and again it becomes less and less useful, eventually becoming “heat energy,” which we cannot really use for much of anything.  That’s why it’s still important that we do whatever we can to “conserve” energy; it’s not so much that energy is in danger of disappearing, as it is that energy will be changed into a form that isn’t useful to us.  For instance, an inefficient incandescent light bulb produces the same amount of light as a much more effcient compact fluorescent bulb – yet it uses much more energy.  This is partly because a lot of the energy used up by the incandescent bulb goes to producing useless heat, rather than the light that we need. 

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