Does the environmental movement have to be a global thing?



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    In some sense, decreasing human impact on the environment does have to be global, because everyone has to agree not to use the very limited resources we have. For example, even if one country decides to take fewer fish from the ocean, it will make little difference if other countries just take more in response. This is one of the issues with carbon credits; although one company or nation is polluting less, it just means that another can pollute more.

    However, for many environmental activities, the actions of anyone can help. Planting trees and protecting land, for example, is a positive step no matter what anyone else is doing.

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    In part it does, yes. We need global leaders to come together and make a concerted effort to change and people need governmental powers to regulate emissions and fund green industries. However, individuals need to do there part, as do communities and local governments. The beauty of the green movement is that while governments work to try to make change, individuals can see change on a day to day basis and do their part, and that all adds up.

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