Does the environmental damage of anything depend on how it is disposed of?



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    Yes it does. Properly disposed of, many things are less toxic or harmful to the environment. Other things have specific places that they belong when disposed of. For example, nuclear waste is very tricky to dispose of because it can be very harmful to the environment if it is not locked up tightly. If we just threw it away in the dump, it would cause no end of problems. 

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    Also, there are a few household items need to be disposed of properly such as batteries, electronics like computers, and lead based paints. To find recycling centers, you can google it to find them in your local area.

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    It also depends on how it was created and shipped. For example, food. Food is all “disposed of” (if you will) in the same way. But if it is shipped from across the world or made organically that will make a difference. Similarly, if the product comes from a factory with stacks poisoning the air or using conventional forms of energy, this hurts the environment.

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