Does the environment you grow up in increase your chance for cancer?



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    Absolutely! If you grew up in Los Angeles your lungs would eventually look similar to a smoker’s. Even within the same city some groups are at greater risk. For example, the Environmental Justice movement seeks to prevent certain groups (notably the poor, and ethnic minorities) from unfairly bearing the burden of society’s pollution. A city’s biggest polluters are often sited near poor neighborhoods: Things like bus yards, garbage dumps, industrial districts, and airports which all affect air quality and lead to higher exposure to carcinogens.

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    The environment in which you are raised can certainly play a part in the formation of cancer. For example, if your basement contains levels of radon, consistent exposure to that can cause lung cancer to develop. Living near factories, playing under old power lines, living in a part of the world where the ozone is thin, having access to polluted water, etc. There a many many factors that can contribute to the formation of cancer. Usually it takes a lot of continuous exposure to these things, and one’s tendency to develop cancer also varies among individuals.   

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