Does the environment heal itself?



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    Yes, the environment is very capable of healing itself and balancing itself out over time. The earth has been here for a lot longer than we have and will likely continue to be just fine after we are gone. When forests burn down, new trees are able to grow in the embers of the dead old ones, while floods occasionally sweep through an area to clean it up. The earth is much like the human body—both have very intricate systems to regulate themselves and make sure they do not have too much of too little of anything. Even though the earth can look out for itself most of the time, our presence leads to sometimes devastating effects to the environment. For example, trees are the lungs of the earth, and with the proper amount of trees to store carbon dioxide and release oxygen the earth can be balanced and operate smoothly. However, there are lines that once crossed, can never be undone. If a certain danger completely wipes out a species it will be extinct and can never have the chance to bounce back. So it behooves us as humans to keep an eye on the environment and make sure we do not damage it in ways that it cannot recover from. 

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