Does eco friendly housing need to have renewable energy?



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    No. Renewable energy is good, but it is also new technology and therefore beyond the means of some people. If you cannot afford renewable energy, doing things such as recycling, using energy efficient products, and cutting back on daily energy consumption are all good ways you could cheaply be more environmentally friendly.

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    Renewable energy is a large part of what makes a house eco-friendly, but a house hooked up to the main grid can be eco-friendly in other ways. For example, large insulated skylights and windows facing the equator will allow natural light and heat to reduce the amount of energy the house needs to draw from the grid. Building materials can be reclaimed from other demolished houses. Recycled water systems can reduce the amount of water you consume by redirecting the water that drains out of your sink and shower into other tasks that don’t require potable water, like flushing the toilet.

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