Does eating spicy food keep people from overeating?



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    I don’t think so. I am a lover of spicy foods and though I’m not an over eater I can tell you that spiciness is in no way a deterrent for someone who likes it. In fact you actually build up a tolerance for it over the years. So you need progressively spicier foods to satisfy your cravings. The first article below actually draws a connection between the endorphins released by eating spicy foods and the spicy addiction some of us have. The second looks directly at the idea of weight loss form eating spicy foods, their conclusion is ambiguous and I don’t think they really take into account the above mentioned points.

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    It depends on your sensitivity. I for one will stop after a certain amount of spicy food (I’m very sensitive though, like break-a-sweat sensitive). Either way though, spicy food that is sensibly made and contains capsaicin is beneficial to your health. It has been linked to cancer cell apoptosis and similar metabolic effects as the now-banned ephedra had.

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