Does the earth produce gold?



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    Gold is like any other mineral found on our planet. What makes it special is that we put an arbitrary price on it because it’s so shiny and pretty. In reality, gold is no more special that granite or quartz. “Modern industrial uses include dentistryand electronics, where gold has traditionally found use because of its good resistance to oxidative corrosion and excellent quality as a conductor of electricity.”

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    Yes, the earth does produce gold.  It is found in the form of nuggets, veins, or alluvial deposits.  Here is a diagram of the location of the world’s gold production in 2005:

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    Yes, but it is often difficult to find it in pure form in an amoun large enough to work with, gold is often found in ore and needs to be processed. Like all earth metals, elements and the non syntheting members of the periodic table of elements, Gold (Au) is present and produced by the natural processes of our planet.

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