Does driving slow benefit the environment?



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    Yes, driving slow does benefit the environment.  When you drive over 55 mph, your gas mileage drops off about 1% per mph, so if you drive 60mph, you are dropping 5% of your gas mileage.  This means that you are consuming more gas than you need to and producing more carbon emmissions than you need to.  This means that more gas has to be produced, which causes more environmental damage.

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    It depends. It is actually better to drive the optimal speed for your car than to just drive slowly. For example, it is better to drive 55 on a highway than to drive 30 mph. Also, maintaining your speed, whether through cruise control or just careful driving, keeps your engine from having to work harder and use more gas if your speed keeps fluctuating.

    Below are some links for more ways to make driving more eco-friendly.

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