Does driving cars in America lead to rainforest deforestation?



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    Driving a car requires the consumption of gasoline, which is made from crude oil.  The oil industry has a long history in the rainforest.  The rainforest serves as a place from which to extract crude oil to fuel automobiles.  The extraction of this oil requires road building, which erodes soil and disrupts plant and wildlife and produces air pollution.  Furthermore, oil companies have spilled millions of gallons of oil in the rainforest, as well as used it as a dumping ground for toxic waste.

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    Not directly. Yes, oil companies have had a long presence in the rainforest, and oil drilling in the rainforest leads to deforestation. However, if people were to stop driving cars in the U.S. deforestation would not cease to be a problem in the rainforest. Venezuela ranks 5th on the list of countries that export the most oil to the U.S.; Brazil is 9th; Colombia 10th.

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