Does drinking bottled water make you healthier?



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    No. In fact there have been reports as to how bottled water is actually detrimental to your health, and we all know that the plastic bottles are very bad for the environment.

    However, if you live in a region where tap water is not safe to drink (any developing country, where you are on a well), then it is advisable to use some sort of packaged water.

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    Yes and no, in my opinion. Bottled water is not healthier than tap water in most places in the US because of strict drinking water standards set by the EPA that bottled water is not necessary subject to because it falls under jurisdiction of the FDA.

    Yes because it is still healthier to drink bottled water than bottled soft drinks or energy drinks or even juices that contain large amounts of sugar and chemicals. The Mayo clinic recommends drinking between 1.5 – 2 liters of water per day.

    The EHSO website has great resources about checking tap water quality in your area.

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