Does Donald Trump think that climate change is real?



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    Donald Trump is very skeptical about climate change and global warming.

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    Nope. Donald Trump does not believe that climate change is real. He went so far as to suggest that Al Gore should be stripped of his Nobel Prize. His assertion is that worrying about climate change will decrease our competitiveness as an industrial country. I suppose that’s what you can expect from someone like Trump though…always concerned about those profits.

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    Donald Trump has made statements that would definitely suggest he doesn’t believe climate change is a legitimate issue. After a cold front hit the U.S. this winter, Trump stated the Nobel Prize should be stripped of Al Gore because of the climate inconsistencies.  However, what Trump might have learned had he watched the movie is that global warming doesn’t result in just sustained warming.  It entails extreme changes in weather, as we have been experiencing a lot lately.  For more information on the statements he made, take a look at the article cited below.  

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