Does dog pee kill plants?



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    It can. Dog urine is heavily concentrated and if urination occurs in the same spot, it can damage vegetation. This problem is common for owners who own female dogs because of their habits of urinating in the same spot, and occasionally males if they continuously mark the same area. To avoid brown spots on your lawn and dying plants, rinsing the areas within 8 hours will make the urine seep down into the dirt rather than resting on the vegetation and it will also dilute it. You can also change your dog’s diet so that its urine is in lower concentrations from the amounts of protein. If you do this, I recommend speaking with your vet first to make sure your animal is still getting all the necessary nutrients. Having two dogs myself, I avoided dead plants and grass by providing a small gravel area in my yard where the dogs were taught that that is their bathroom spot. Probem solved 🙂

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    no it helps the plants. It provides more soil.

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