Does Disney have a horrible environmental track record?



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    When one thinks of Disney, one doesn’t always think of the negative side effects that come from its multinational theme parks, especially in Orlando, Florida. Disney World has got to be one of the largest theme parks in the world, boasting miles of land that has threatened many different species of animals. The park also contributes air pollution, hurting the health of the residents in the area.

    It’s obvious to see the architectural wonders that have been built within the park, but at what cost to the environment?  

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    Disney actually has an environmental campaign in place, involving both conservation of resources and educating the public about environmental issues.  Disney executives claim that they are leaders in environmental initiative; however, they released their first corporate responsibility report in 2009, after some 89 years as a company.  This leaves some people skeptical.

    In addition to the mass-consumerism associated with the brand, they have been part of some really negative business – the abandoned Treasure Island, a cruise destination, still has electric transformers and fuel tanks.  In addition, Disney introduced invasive species of plants and insects that continue to threaten the local species.

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