Does the diamond industry make more money than the green industry?



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    Yes. Last year the diamond industry made over $65 billion dollars last year, in what the World Diamond Congress referred to as “months of declining profit and flat consumer demand.” Meanwhile, the “green industry” – which is difficult to label as such, considering it consists not just of manufacturers of green products and alternative fuels, but also organic foods, and companies that are “going green” by cutting down energy costs – this industry is still overcoming enormous economic obstacles. Lobbying fees in Congress for pushing environmental issues totaled $389 million in 2008, which was up 43% from 2007, and that number is still rising. Companies that are offering green solutions have to spend million on advertising so that consumer know which products are environmentally friendly, like the coal industry’s $18 million television ad campaign promoting clean-coal technology. In short, the “green industry” has a long way to go.

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