Does Desalination consume a lot of power?



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    Siemens is an industry leader in desalination technology. The company website does not specify how much power is used in the process of desalination, but it does specify that one 40 Volt power generator powers three desalination modules. Each generator is connected to a computer that segregates power distribution so that precise voltage necessary is the precise voltage used for each process. This energy efficient technology is projected to save 70% energy.

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    It can take a lot of energy, but it can also be done on a small scale from solar energy right in your back yard. Distillation is one method of desalination that you can perform yourself. Since salt does not evaporate with the water, a home water distiller can provide you with clean drinking water if you live near a body of salt water that is not contaminated with toxins that do evaporate with the water. Here is a really awesome video that shows you how to make a home water distiller.

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