Does the department of fish and game get more out of people buying lifetime fishing licenses or yearly ones?



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    There is no breakdown of how much the Fish and Game Department makes off licenses.  Each state sets their own fees and standards are different for resident and nonresident license.  It would also depend on how much a person fishes (or hunts).  If a person fishes enough yearly, it would be more optimal to buy a lifetime license.  California offered a nice listing of pricing to give an idea of how much a person could spend.  Annual licenses:  resident sport fishing is $42.69, nonresident sport fishing is $115.05.  Lifetime licenses:  age 0-9 is $470.75, age 10-39 is $768.75, age 40-61 is $692.75, and age 62+ is $470.75.  There is also short term licenses which offer one day licesne at $13.75 to two day license at $21.34.

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