Does deforestation have a greater impact on local people or people far away?



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    The impact of deforestation impacts everyone, but it likely impacts the local people to a higher degree. Much of deforestation is done by big companies that have no regard for the local people and the environment. Many local people have a close association with the natural world that is not known or cared about by the big companies. Temperatures rise in the area because there are no longer trees to provide shade or cooling. The landscape becomes ugly. Animals leave or die.

    Deforestation affects everyone by depleting oxygen and causing rising temperatures, but people farther away cannot directly see the effects as the local people can.

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    There are variable perspectives.  For instance, some areas locally are clearcut but hidden from view (leaving only outer-lining trees to hide the inner deforestation).  Many effects may fly under the radar, such as atmospheric change, etc.  In this case, local people are effecting, but the greatest impact would actually be people far away who rely on the products that are produced in the process.  Until those people switch to other sustainable products, they are directly impacted by the availability of the product and whatever it offers.

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