Does death valley ever get cold?



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    It depends upon one’s definition of the word “cold”.

    However, from 1911 to 1998, its average daily low temperature was 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Not exactly winter in New England.

    Over this seventy-seven year time period, Death Valley was at its coldest in the months of December and January. In each of these months, the Valley’s daily low temperature averaged 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    Winters at Death Valley are very mild, but if you visit they would require a light jacket or warmer clothing. Winter storms occur occasionally, and temperatures drop at lower altitudes. The coldest recorded temperature at Death Valley happened on January 8th, 1913 at 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    Death Valley isn’t always blistering hot, it even gets snow in the winter and gets freezing temperatures at the bottom of the valley. In December and January, days get up only 70 degrees and freezing at night. In the spring, nights are typically around 40 or 50.

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