Does Day Light Savings Time save any energy?



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    Well, no, not really. it was made to do so, yes, but a recent study shows that because people use their air conditioners for a longer amount of time, as the day is longer, it can actually waste more energy. It’s all very controversial, and chances are that you’ll find as many people supporting it as you will opposing it. 

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    No, day light savings time does not effect energy usage. It doesn’t really affect energy usage at all. Day light savings time was established to compensate for the seasonal changes in the amount of daylight during a given time of the year, so it wouldn’t throw off our sense of dawn, day, dusk and night. It is more designed to give us a constant sense that a certain amount of daylight should be visible during a certain time in the day. For instance, it it instills the sense that there is still daylight at 6pm all year round instead of half the year showing that not to be true. It also depends where on earth you live at which degree you notice the change during the year. The further north or south you go, depending on your hemisphere, the effect becomes more extreme. Some time zones don’t even institute daylight savings time because the change is very minimal to none.

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