Does the cost of transportation for our food make it more expensive?



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    The cost of transportation of food items certainly factors into how much consumers pay for it.  But it is not as straightforward as you might think, as tomatoes grown in CA in a grocery store in NY aren’t necessarily more expensive than tomatoes in that same grocery store grown in NY. There are other factors that influence the cost of food including the scale of the farm operation, the wages paid to workers, the type and cost of soil ammendments, whether the farmer recieves subsidies, global availability of that food item etc. But over time, the absolute cost of shipping food will increase and so the sticker price will likely increase as well.

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    Usually.  This is why import items cost more, definitely.  With domestic products it can be harder to tell for sure.  Sometimes foods vary by quality, store or other factors that are not directly related to transportation, so it’s difficult to find an exact answer sometimes.

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