Does the cost of gas affect the price of our food?



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    Most definetly! All of the products that you buy at a store gets from the factory to the store on a combination of ship, plane, train, or truck. All of modes of transportation run on pretoleum products. The revenue from the food and everything else you buy pays for all the costs associated with bringing that product to you; the wages of the workers, the property taxes, the electricity to run the store, the cost of transporting the food to market. 

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    Two other reasons why the cost of gas/oil/natural gas impacts the costs of food are 1) that mechanized agriculture consumes considerable gas in the process of production (e.g. the fuel to run the combines, tractors, plows etc that are necessary in the modern food production system) and 2) that most food crops and animal feed crops are grown using synthetic fertilizer and this fertilizer is produced using the energy from natural gas to fix nitrogen from the air into nitrates that plants can utilize. So as the cost of fuel increases so does the cost of fertilizers and on farm transportation, which the farmers then need to make back by increasing the sale price of their product.

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    In addition to these aspects, of the price of shipping the product to the grocery store as well as the cost increase for making different produce and grocery products. The increased gas prices has also had a good effect on how our goods get delivered. Companies have been making changes to try and minimize their gas use, by packing their trucks fuller rather than sending out two trucks, and UPS was famous for pioneering the right turn only delivery route which other businesses are adopting.  This way of routing trucks allows them to continue moving rather than sitting and waiting for traffic to clear to make left turns.  So, we are not just solely absorbing the cost of gas, the companies are trying to help us too.

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