Does energy control all resource mining?



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    In a way, yes. In order for resources to be mined the mining operation has to present a reasonable expectation of being profitable. The profitability of a mining operation is determined in large part by the energy required to extract resources and bring them to market. If this investment of energy is greater than the revenue that can be had by selling the resource then mining will not be profitable and the resource will not be mined. That said, the availability of cheap and abundant forms of energy (such as petroleum) will tend to increase the amount of resource mining taking place.

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    Energy does not control all resource mining but exhibits the greatest amount of influence in mining of fossil fuels like coal and oil. Other resources, like metals and mineral, are used for building materials, packaging, and other manufacturing processes. In addition, stone mining, which accounts for 30% of all mining operations, has a huge amount of influence as well.

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