Does the conflict between republicans and democrats hurt the progress of being green?



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    Absolutely, which is a shame because environmental issues affect us all. Though progressive democrats seem more concerned with policy changes that affect the environment, both sides have people in support of measures that are attempts to go green. There is such a divide in Washington, especially now, and democrats and republicans are more fervently in their respective camps. Unless the partisanship and bickering is curbed, then the maximum amount of good won’t get done.

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    Definitely… but it’s not limited to environmentalism. Some argue that the whole system is a clever political ruse perpetrated by specific interest groups to keep themselves in power, but I see it a little differently.

    There are extreme ideological differences in some areas between the two parties, and between the Republican’s hardnosed unflinching stances on many issues and the Democrats highly factionalized party, which basically only agrees on not agreeing with the Republicans these days, there’s little chance for real progress abounding. Obama is working pretty hard to make some change, but if you watch the news you can start to see the political system throwing itself against him and rejecting it. We don’t like to compromise very much in the US, but that’s about the only way anything gets passed. As a result, we end up with a lot of watered down muck that doesn’t make any real legislative progress.

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