Does the cold make our immune system weaker



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    If you have a strong immune system, it will help you fight off the cold. While you are sick though, your immune system does weaken because its actively fighting off the illness. Unfortunately, this does mean you can catch another illness while getting over your cold. Good thing is though, you will build up a small immunity to that strain of cold once you might it off. 

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    Most studies out there appear to show that cold weather does not make our immune systems weaker. However, cold, dry weather may make viruses easier to spread, though it does not cause more viruses. This is due to three reasons: 1. Mucus dries out in our noses, making it less effective at protecting against viruses. 2. Viruses are better protected in cold weather because it preserves their outer shells. 3. When someone sneezes, the droplets containing viruses can linger for longer periods of time in cold, dry air than in warm, wet air. 

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