Does Coke or Pepsi have an eco friendly bottle?



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    Coke has a new eco-friendly shaped bottled. It’s square-shaped, so that for every four coke bottles that are currently shipped, the square bottle design could ship six.


    The Pepsi company also has an eco-friendly bottle. Except their bottle uses less plastic, approximately 20% less than their pevious bottles, and their bottle is only available for Aquafina water products, Tropicana juice drinks and Lipton iced teas.

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    I would just add that the eco-shaped Coke bottle described above isn’t currently used by Coke. The design comes from a student midterm project in design, and while it would make Coke’s shipping and bottles much more eco-friendly, the design has not been implemented (it definitely should be, though!). Coke’s current bottle advertises that it is 30% plant-based (sugarcane). Pepsi does not yet use this technology for its bottles.

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